How to Apply to BTC

Beyond the Classroom is currently recruiting for Fall 2018!

Begin Your Application

February 7 – application deadline with priority housing
February 23 – application deadline with contingent housing
May 2 – application deadline (no housing available)

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Before applying, please read this page carefully to make sure that you are eligible to join.

If you have difficulty with the online BTC application, please email

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. At the time of your application, you must be a University of Maryland, College Park undergraduate student who is either: a 2nd semester sophomore; a junior; or a senior (who expects to take at least 3 more semesters-- beyond the current semester-- before graduating).
    • OR you must be a student who has been accepted by the University of Maryland, College Park as a transfer student or international exchange student, and who will begin your studies at UMD in the semester after your BTC application. Your current class standing at the time of your BTC application must be equivalent to that of a UMD 2nd semester sophomore, a junior, or a senior.
  2. You must have completed 45 credits by the end of the semester in which you are submitting your application (normally this is the semester before you enter BTC).
  3. You must be in good academic and financial standing with the University of Maryland.
  4. You must show a committment to being involved in the BTC community and be able to register for program classes.

Program Expectations:
Every Beyond the Classroom student is expected to:

  1. Successfully complete the three-semester course sequence (including a three-credit foundation course, a one-credit internship seminar, and a three-credit capstone course) specifically designed for Beyond the Classroom;
  2. Aquire a one-semester internship with a government, nonprofit or nongovernmental organization working on civic issues at the local, national, and/or global levels;
  3. Demonstrate clear progress or accomplishment in fulfilling key civic engagement and leadership competencies as part of the Beyond the Classroom program;
  4. Complete the Civic Engagement Requirement component of the program, per the guidelines given; and
  5. Participate in and help organize Beyond the Classroom events and activities.

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