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Beyond the Classroom is an interdisciplinary living-learning program for upper-level undergraduate students interested in:

  • Internships related to local, national, and global issues.
  • Meaningful and impactful social change.
  • Leadership and advocacy for NPOs and NGOs.
  • Civic engagement and community service.
  • Researching solutions to real-world problems.

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Our Vision

To prepare talented, diverse undergraduate students from across the University of Maryland to be active and responsible citizens and leaders in a complex, multi-cultural, and global context.

Beyond the Classroom Calendar

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This Week

  • Beyond the Millennium Development GoalsTalk (9/29, 7PM):
    Hear from Dr. Jim Riker of BTC about the world's progress towards the UN's Millennium Development Goals for alleviating poverty and improving children’s educational opportunities.
  • Everyday AmbassadorTalk (10/1, 6:30PM):
    Hear from Kate Otto and Audrey del Rosario of Everyday Ambassador about making meaningful human connections in our data-driven, hyper-connected age.


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