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    Activate your civic leadership! Go Beyond the Classroom!
  • Students at Climate Action
    People’s Climate March in New York City: Learn About Advocacy on a Wide Range of Civic Issues
  • BTC students at carry playground construction materials.
    Activate Your Community Participation! Beyond the Classroom students at the March to End HIV in Washington, D.C.
  • BTC students at Aids March in Washington, DC
    Beyond the Classroom students help build children's playground.

The Beyond the Classroom Living and Learning Program ended its operations on June 30, 2019.

Since its founding in 2001, Beyond the Classroom had prepared upper-level undergraduate students for leadership on a wide array of civic issues through timely courses on pressing social and global issues, internships with leading nonprofit organizations, and collaborative research and advocacy projects in Washington, DC, and around the world. Beyond the Classroom graduates now serve in professional positions with nonprofit, philanthropic, and international development organizations.

Please join me in thanking Dr. James Riker for his commitment and leadership in directing the program since 2006.

William A. Cohen
Associate Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Studies

What Beyond the Classroom Can Mean for You

Beyond the Classroom is an interdisciplinary living-learning program for upper-level undergraduate students interested in:

  • Internships related to local, national, and global issues.
  • Meaningful and impactful social change.
  • Leadership and advocacy for NPOs and NGOs.
  • Civic engagement and community service.
  • Researching solutions to real-world problems.
Our Vision

To prepare talented, diverse undergraduate students from across the University to be active and responsible citizens and leaders in a complex, multi-cultural, and global context.

Find out more about BTC: Read our brochure.

Student Awards for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Beyond the Classroom Student Medal Fall 2018
Tanesha Mondestin, Internship Excellence Award
LaRen Morton, Civic Leadership Award
Zoey Senzel, Civic Engagement Award

Spring 2018
Kristine Pham, Civic Engagement Award
Mika Shields, Internship Excellence Award
Megan Williams, Civic Leadership Award


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