• BTC sponsored the conference <i>The Role of the United Nations and Civil Society in Advancing Effective Global Governance</i> at the University of Maryland
  • BTC students participate in a range of civic learning experiences, such as this trip to the United Nations headquarters in New York City
  • Our film and seminar series included a special panel and screening of <i>The Good Soldier</i>, with the film's directors and veterans featured in the film.
  • BTC students engage in a variety of civic learning experiences. Here they joined in the AIDS Walk Washington, DC
  • Beyond the Classroom students have the opportunity to engage in global learning experiences in countries throughout the world.
  • Beyond the Classroom Director Dr. james Riker (left) joins previous year's seminar participants Michael Beer, Director of Nonviolence International, Dr. Asna Husin, Director of the Peace Education Program in Aceh, Indonesia.
  • Guest speakers for the Envisioning Peace in Africa Series included Emira Woods of the Institute for Policy Studies, Human Rights Advocate in Sierra Leone David Alan Harris, and Peter Kimeu of the Catholic Relief Services

Beyond the Classroom is an interdisciplinary living-learning program for upper-level undergraduate students interested in:

  • Internships related to local, national and global issues

  • Citizen action and community service

  • Social change with an impact

  • Leadership and advocacy for non-profits and NGOs

  • Researching solutions that address real-world problems
Are you ready to make a difference? Find out more about Beyond the Classroom Living and Learning Program. Read our brochure.

Our Students Say...

Beyond the Classroom was one of the most important experiences I had during my undergraduate career, and it helped to mold my interests towards pursuing a masters degree in public policy.
S.S. (BTC Graduate)

The program really helped me strengthen my analytical skills and made me critically think about my passions and how I could find internships and jobs that spoke to them. I loved everything about this program and am SO glad that I was able to be a part of it.
K.T. (BTC Graduate)

BTC does a great job educating and empowering students to follow their passion and make a difference ... Beyond the Classroom does exactly what Dr. [Jane] Goodall supports, “When young people understand the problems and challenges with which our planet is faced and are empowered to take action, they will follow their passions to make the world a better place.”  What kind of impact will you have on the world today?”

   H.H. (current BTC student)


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    Fall 2014 Courses Announced!


Click here to learn about BTC's upcoming courses for Fall 2014, featuring two seminar series that are free and open to the public (and available as for-credit courses):

"Ensuring a World Fit For Children? Rethinking Our Civic Responsibilities"

and a new seminar:

"Beyond Study Abroad: Global Citizenship, Citizen Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange for Social Change"

    Spring 2014 Seminar Series


All BTC seminars are free and open to the public. They are also available as for-credit courses. This semester's seminars are:

Achieving a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Food System in the 21st Century

This new seminar series will provide students with a broad understanding of food systems by exploring the environmental, health and distributional implications of what they choose to consume as well as the variance in access to food worldwide.  Students will learn about the differing conditions and definitions of food insecurity on a global level and mechanisms currently used to minimize these conditions.  Students will also examine the implications that their food choices have on the environment and human health by looking at how differing food sources are grown and produced from the global to the local levels.  Ultimately, students will identify promising solutions and effective practices for achieving a healthy, just and sustainable food system in the 21st century.

Instructor: Sarah Baizer, BTC Graduate Assistant
Time: Wednesday 6:30-8:30 pm, 1102 SCC Seminar Room

People Power: Activism for Social Change

What is “people power” and how can citizen activism advance positive social change on key civic issues? On what issues historically has “people power” made a significant impact? What are the lessons for contemporary civic activism today? This series will explore the factors that lead to successful “people power” movements and citizen initiatives for social change. The series will draw directly on the perspectives of leading civil society activists through documentary films and formal presentations of successful “people power” initiatives for social change at the local, national, and global levels.

Instructor: Dr. James Riker, Director, Beyond the Classroom
Time:Monday, 7:00-9:00 pm, 1102 SCC Seminar Room

View the list of past films and seminars